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5g India: 5g Network in India latest news 2022

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If you have come here to know about 5G and its plans and when they will 5g rollout, this article will be most useful for you.

Today in this article, we will talk about the 5g services in India plans 5G, the Roll of 5g in India and the amount bid by various companies for 5G and in which cities of India 5G is going to be launched in the beginning. So let’s start –

Introduction –

So you must know that 5G will be a technology in which you will get the speed of about 1-5 Gbps, which means that you can download any 2GB to 3GB file in a few seconds. This technology of 5G is going to be launched in some big cities of India.

5g services will be launched in big cities of India like Bangalore, Bhopal, Gujarat etc. Although 5G testing has also been done in these cities, its results have been very good; this means 5G in almost all the cities in India. But currently, 5G will be launched in these cities this year.

5g Network launch date in India

The technology of 5G will be launched across India by October 10 or November of this year. Its results are going to be much better.

What will be the cost of 5G plans?

For the time being, it is believed that the price of 5G plans will be around 12% more than the 4G plans; this means that you can now estimate that by adding 12% to the 4G plans that are currently running, you can find out what the 5G plans are going to cost.

In this 5g technology, big companies of India like Airtel, Jio, Vodafone-Idea etc., have bid a lot for the band with the frequency of 700 MHz. Out of which Jio has bid for the highest amount, the list of which is as follows –

reliance Jio – 14,000 crore

Airtel – 5,500 crore

VI – 2,500 crore

Adani Group – 100 crore

What is the 700 MHz Frequency Band?

This is such a premium frequency that it gives you a very high speed. To buy this frequency band of 700 MHz, many telecom companies have bought this frequency.

5g techcredit – www.denofgeek.com


This technology of 5G will be used in the traffic lights, billboards, and other equipment currently running; this means that all the traffic lights and billboards in India will be controlled through 5G, which is a big deal for India. It will all be like what you see in the Watch Dogs game. 5G towers will also be installed, providing a high range.

Do you have to get a 5g SIM and 5g phone to run 5G?

However, there are two ways to run 5G here, which are as follows –

5g standalones
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  1. Standalone 5G – To run 5G in this mode, everything from the band to your phone should be 5G; this means that your phone and the SIM should be 5G, and the tower around you should also be 5G.
  2. Non-Standalone 5G – In this method, you can use a 4G phone and 4G sim to run 5G. Although 4G sim works on LTE means long-term evolution, then in this method, 5G will be set to LTE. Meaning you will get to see 5G speed on LTE. You will not have to take any 5G SIM and 5G phone.

Now let’s talk about

Whether the 5G that is going to be launched in India will be a standalone 5G or a non-standalone 5G –

Airtel and Jio have tested 5G in India; Airtel has tested both, and Jio has only tested standalone 5G; This means that if you take an Airtel SIM or you have an Airtel SIM, then you will be able to enjoy the same speed as 5G in 4G SIM and 4G phone. And those who are going to take 5G SIM will get the high speed of 5G.

If you want to get a new 5G phone or you have a 4G phone, then to use 5G, your phone must have any of these bands –

3300 – 4200 MHz

4400 – 5000 MHz

3300 – 3800 MHz

26 MHz

700 MHz

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