The Hidden Works of accelerometers in smartphones

1 Hidden Work of accelerometers in smartphones

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What You know how a smartphone can hear your secretly? It can hear you, even when you’re far away, even when it’s noisy, and even when you’re speaking softly. How does it do that? Let’s look at some of the problems facing engineers who work on Algorithm and some of the solutions they developed to make your smartphone so smart!


How can a smartphone hear you secretly by accelerometers

The inside of your smartphone is teeming with hidden sensors that can hear you. No, we’re not talking about microphones (though there are those, too). We’re talking about accelerometers—tiny devices that track physical movements and feed them to apps. Most people know about accelerometers as things that help phones detect when they’ve been moved around or flipped onto their backs to go into tablet mode. However, these same sensors can also detect whether you’re holding your phone by its sides or bottom (as opposed to resting it on a table), or even if you tap it softly against your ear—all without ever touching a button.


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The future of smartphone technology with accelerometers

Siri, Google Now, and Cortana seem pretty smart. So how do they actually hear us? The short answer is that today’s most popular AI programs are powered by machine learning—they essentially teach themselves over time. For example, Apple taught Siri about human speech by feeding it an endless stream of YouTube videos, among other data sets.


3 Benefits of Accelerometers in a Smartphone

1: Smartphones won’t miss important information. 2: Everyone will be able to communicate freely and easily. 3: Conversations can become more natural. Today’s technology is revolutionary and can dramatically improve our lives! But we are only scratching the surface of what is possible—so let’s keep innovating!



The accelerometer is a motion sensing device that measures the rate of acceleration that the device experiences. The accelerometer is a sensor that can be used to detect user acceleration, gravity, and magnetic fields. It can be used to detect movement, orientation, vibration, shock, and more. There are several different accelerometers that can be used in an IoT device.


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