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4 important things to get Adsense approval!

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4 such important things that you have to keep in mind to get Adsense approval

so today I am going to tell you about these four things, first of all let us talk,

First Step:

1. Google Adsense never tells you that you have to write a 300 word article, 400 word article to give approval  ,  Google Adsense never says that. Google Adsense only wants that you have explained properly about the topic on which you have written the post, even if you have explained it in two lines, but you have to give the best result to the public, Only then will you be able to get the approval of Google Adsense quickly.

Second Step:

2. Google Adsense always wants one thing in your website, which is the privacy policy pages in your website.
This Google Adsense does not ask just to show, you have to put these pages in your website so that if someone visits your website then it is completely safe, and it can get the best result. Along with this, in your website Contact or About-us, you will have to create these pages, so that if some mistake or virus is caught by someone in your website, then he can contact you so that you can get this virus or mistake quickly. to improve quickly. Contact and Nowout-Us are also used to get backlinks.


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Third Step:

3. If you have submitted your website for Google Adsense approval and you have been submitted  to the site for at least two weeks  , then Google Adsense gives you an option called Feedback !
By using this option, you can easily tell Google Adsense that ‘Your website has not been reviewed for two weeks, then you should manually review my site as soon as possible’.

Forth Step:

4. Google Adsense sees another thing which is how much traffic is coming to your website, this thing is very important to get Adsense approval, because if there is no traffic on your website and Google Adsense gives you approval. You are going to earn very little, because Google Adsense  pays you only for clicks  and when there is no traffic on your website, then clicks will not be able to come to your website, so for this I am going to tell you a method which is quite Uses more websites,  that is the way,
making shorts videos on youtube ,
Because if you can explain your article directly in 1 minute through video, then you can use YouTube shorts because a  lot of people are using YouTube  shorts , then views on your video will also come easily and this In this way, you will also earn from YouTube and you will also be able to easily bring traffic  to your website.


If you want to start earning money from your blog using Google Adsense, it is extremely important to follow the Adsense approval guidelines. We hope this blog post helped to make some of the Adsense approval guidelines more clear. If you have any other questions about Adsense approval, please do a comment.