Airtel 5g

Airtel 5g launch date in India, SIM, speed, trial, and everything about 5G

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As the world of technology continues to evolve, Airtel has announced that it will be rolling out its 5G network in India.

Here’s everything you need to know about the brand new service and what it could mean for the country moving forward…


Airtel 5g launch date in India

As of now, there is no fixed date for this but it has been confirmed that the technology of airtel 5g is going to come in 2022.

I am very excited about this. If you are excited, leave a comment.


Airtel 5G speed –

Airtel has said that Airtel is going to give 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps speed in a 5G network.

this is such an amazing speed for business work and other works.

This speed can download a 1 GB file in just 3-4 minutes.


Industry view: What can 5G mean for your business?

For a business 5g is such a good thing. Because it can give you a lot of internet speed.

For example, you are doing data management and data storing business. So in this, the airtel 5g can help you a lot.


Airtel 5g sim –

Airtel 5G SIM will hit the market only after 2-3 months of the 5G launch.

Or it may be that Airtel will also give 1-2 months of free internet to those who buy 5G SIM.


Airtel 5G plans –

Right now the prices of 4G plans of Airtel are expensive and the prices of 5G plans may be equally expensive, although I think the prices of 5G plans will be slightly cheaper than the prices of 4G plans.

Because Airtel made the 4G plan more expansive only to bring 5G technology and after the arrival of 5G, it may be that the price of its plan will be less than 4G.

Airtel 5G Spectrum –

It may be that after the arrival of 5G, the range of 5G will be very less because in the initial time not many towers of 5G are going to be installed because,

it will be installed only for testing, later these towers will be gradually increased and The range of Airtel 5G will also increase significantly.

although so many towers of Airtel 4G were not installed so that every village, every city, and every street could get good range.


How much faster is 5G than 4G?

Right now the 4G SIM you are using, its speed goes up to 1 – 50 Mbps but Airtel has claimed about 5G that the speed of 5G will be up to 1 Gbps.


5G Private Network for Business: The future of personalized network –

The personalized network is going to be the primary network for a person in the future because 4G recharges are going to be expensive now and after the arrival of 5G,

its recharge will also become more expensive than people would like to choose airtel wifi or airtel 5g broadband for this.


Airtel prepays INR 8,815 crores to clear deferred liabilities for a year –

The main reason for the increase in recharges was to bring 5G technology, to bring 5G technology, Airtel prepays INR 8,815 crores.



Whatever be the case, but if Jio, BSNL, and Vi do not provide services of 5G along with Airtel, then these companies will be left far behind and Airtel will become the largest internet service provider company. If you want to know why Airtel, jio, vodafone, idea, V! announced 25% hike on prepaid 4G recharges.