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Airtel claims it is preparing for a metaverse opportunity in India with Airtel 5G

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Airtel 5g: Six Doubts You Should Clarify About Airtel 5G India

India is gearing up to be part of the coming 5G revolution. Here at Airtel, we always believe in being prepared for the future by continuously scaling up our network infrastructure in India with business and consumers interests in mind. This is why we are currently paving the way to tap into opportunities emerging from the future of technology such as a jump-in autonomous vehicle (AV), artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data analytics based on partnering with companies like Intel, Cognizant and VMware.


Number of Cellphone users in India jumped from 155 million to 377 million between 2016 and 2018. Over 100 million residents spoke Indian regional languages only . India’s mobile penetration rate increased from 44% in 2013 to 79% in 2017 -all signs pointing to its mobile operators being on Digital technologies are changing the way people access information. Al this trend is leading to a convergence of real and virtual worlds.

Customers are no longer dependent on local retailers, they can now buy anything they want through E-commerce portals or network apps that are delivered to phones.

Airtel has ramped up its machine-learning strategy with partnerships with global players for 5G-ready networks and many other IoT devices.

You must be aware that it has been 7-8 years since Airtel 4G came. But Airtel 5G has not arrived yet. Moreover, 5G phones have also been launching in India.

In view of this, Airtel is going to bring a futuristic 5G technology.

This is not going to be a common technology as Airtel has uploaded a video of itself on YouTube, in which it is being told that Airtel is going to make the technology of hologram possible with 5G.


Which technology will be possible from Airtel 5g?

Airtel has said that Airtel is going to give 1 Gbps speed in 5G.

Through which the technology of hologram will be possible.

Airtel is going to bring this one more technology through 5G and with this technology we can watch any cricket match live in 3D. Which is going to be a next level futuristic technology. So far we watch any match from different camera angles that someone used to control. But through the technology of 5G, we can enjoy any match like football, cricket and other matches with the speed of 1 Gbps by changing our camera angle.

Airtel has said that no one could watch the 1983 cricket match because the casters were on strike that day.
Keeping this in view, Airtel has recreated that match with the technology of Metaverse. In which there will be the same stadium and the same will be the entire team of Kapil Dev.



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Will the technology of 5G make cloud gaming possible?

Cloud gaming is a gaming that allows you to play online games without having to download any game to your phone that will be stored on another server. Till now cloud gaming was not operational only because of internet speed.

Airtel 5G is about to install cloud gaming servers in India and with the speed of 5G you will be able to play any high quality game without any lag.


When Airtel will launch 5G in India?

As of now there is no fixed date for this but it has been confirmed that the technology of airtel 5g is going to come in 2022.


What are the disadvantages of 5G services?

Maybe the radiation coming out of 5G can harm us, which is the biggest problem. But maybe with the technology of 5G, Airtel’s problem can also be solved.


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Will Airtel 5G increase recharge?

Maybe to give 5G services, Airtel will give us recharge. Due to which we are going to suffer a lot. But it is possible that this time Airtel can also work out the amount of recharge with 5G.


Is 5G SIM available in India?

Till now Airtel 5G SIM has not come in the market but it is being said that 5G SIM will also come in this year 2022. Moreover, we will be able to use internet through virtual sim in future.



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