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Android 13 features & Release Date: Everything we know so far

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If you want to know about the android 13 features before they’re announced, then this article will help you.

Today, I will discuss Android 13 codename and release date, design, function, and features in detail, so you must read this article carefully.

This article is based upon my research, and I can say with the claims that after reading this article, you will fully understand all of the features of Android 13


Android 13 is going be an update that will bring you more features than Android – 9, Android – 10, Android – 11 and Android – 12. Google also provides a codename for each version of Android. Similarly, Android 13 has been given a codename.

Android – 13 Codename

Android 13 codename: Tiramisu. Google has given the following codenames for some versions of Android:

Android-9 Pie Pistachio Ice Cream
Android-10 Quince Tart
Android-11 Red Velvet Cake
Android-12 Snow Cone
Android-12.1 Snow Cone v-2

Google chooses the codenames for its Android operating system versions as sweet or sweet things in all versions. Similarly, tiramisu is the name of an Italian dessert made from coffee, ladyfingers, cocoa and mascarpone. It’s an expression used in English meaning “make me happy”.

Android – 13 Launch Schedule

Google has released two developer previews and seven betas of Android – 13 so far. The seventh beta version of Android (13) was released in June. It is believed that Android 13 will be released in August 2022. You can install these betas now, but there are some risks involved. If you want to install these beta versions, then you’re doing it at your own risk!

Android – 13 Scheduled Milestones

Versions Launch Dates
Android 13 DP 1 10-02-2022
Android 13 DP 2 17-03-2022
Android 13 Beta – 1 26-04-2022
Android 13 Beta – 2 11-05-2022
Android 13 Beta – 2.1 26-05-2022
Android 13 Beta – 3 08-06-2022
Android 13 Beta – 3.1 10-06-2022
Android 13 Beta – 3.2 16-06-2022
Android 13 Beta – 3.3 27-06-2022

Android 13 – Design Changes

However, Google is adding the feature of automatic color change according to the apps in its upcoming Android version 13 which is also available for Android version 12.

Changes in Playing Widgets

If you take a look at the beta version for Android 13, you will be able to see a new look for the media player.

Album art has been added to the background of the widgets, and the controls have been moved around a little bit. As your song plays, the progress bar creates a wobbly line.

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Improvement in Functionality

There are many new features coming in Android 13. Some of the features are similar, but there are also some new ones. Let’s talk about them:

Qr support in android 13 features

QR Code Scanner Support

When Google launched the first developer preview of Android 13, this function did not work properly. After fixing it and putting it back into another developer preview, it worked again. This is not a major feature but you won’t need any third party apps to scan QR codes.

Native Bluetooth LE Audio Support

This is a new feature that allows people to enjoy high-quality audio through their headsets and speakers. This feature gives you HD voice during calls, which is a great addition. With this feature, you can use one headset at a time as well as two or more headsets at once. This means, whatever music you’re listening to, you can play it for your friends.

per app language settings in android 13 features

“Panlingual” Per App Language Settings

You can change the language of an app according to you. It’s only useful if you’re interested in multiple languages.

Security Features

A lot of security measures have been implemented in Android 13, which makes your phone safer. Let’s talk about those features:

Nearby Wi-fi Devices – Runtime Permission

With Android 12, when you turn on Nearby Wi-Fi Devices, it will ask you if you want to turn on your location. Then you turn on your location and that location stays on. To solve this, an additional security feature will be added to Android 13, which is called “Runtime Permissions.” Under this, the location in your phone will be turned on only as long as you are running the option “Nearby Wi-Fi devices”. Once you turn off this feature, the location will be switched off automatically.


Only a few features of Android are mentioned here, but in the next part of this article, there will be more information about more new features of Android.

All the information given here is based on the developer preview and beta version of Android 13, so many more features may be added and some features may also be removed, because Android 13 has just been released. The stable version has yet to be released.

These were some of the features in Android 13. Hopefully, you’re well aware of all these features by now.

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