how to avoid pegasus spyware

how to avoid pegasus spyware? *New way*

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Pegasus spyware:

I have already written an article on this and in that I have told what is Pegasus spyware? And how can this be avoided? And how is it installed on your phone?

So in today’s article I am going to tell you that there is another way to avoid Pegasus spyware¬† and that method is very useful, if you have Pegasus spyware installed in your phone and you know about it that it is coming in your phone. and he is stealing your information, then there you can try one method that you have to restart your phone or computer once or twice every week because if the Pegasus spyware which is in your phone or computer, if someone If normal person is running then if you switch off and on your phone there then that Pegasus spyware gets deactivated and no normal person can access it back ¬†, that’s why you need to switch off your phone or computer once or¬† twice a week. ¬†It’s not just me saying.¬†The National Security Agency is saying.
So far only one or two  methods have come out, but soon you will also be able to  find out whether it is in your phone or not and in the  coming time this spyware will also end.
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