Ethical hacking

What is ethical hacking? *It’s very simple*

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Ethical Hacking:

Hacking is a term related to intrusion into a computer or cyber network, or a computer system, device, software, or program. Ethical hacking, on the other hand, is the process of identifying vulnerabilities in computer systems, software, or programs and vulnerable entry points for malicious hackers.
What is Ethical Hacking?
So look, if there is a slight deficiency in any app or website or network and it is detected by an ethical hacker, then he can tell the owner of that website that this is a small bug in your system. So you can fix it as quickly as possible, that’s what ethical hacking is all about.
Simply put, through ethical hacking, we identify the shortcomings of the site or network on any app and tell its owner and he should fix this deficiency as soon as possible. And all this work is done under the supervision of Honor.

How to do ethical hacking? 

To do ethical hacking, many difficulties have to be faced and many things have to be learned like we understand small points before moving towards any big point, in the same way ethical hacking is a big point, you have to do many things to do it. You should have a lot of knowledge about small points like networking like [ WLAN (WiFi), PAN, LAN, IPV4, IPV6 You should have knowledge about many networks and you should know about many programming languages. It is also important to be aware of this because ethical hacking can be done only through coding, so if you also want to do ethical hacking, then for that you will find many videos on YouTube where you will be taught how to do ethical hacking. Huh.

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Can ethical hacking be done for the government? 

Yes, ethical hacking can be done for the government as well, in that you have many big people nowadays, so you need ethical hacking to catch them and the government gives your full support to do ethical hacking inside it. The things and programs that are required are provided by the government to you.

Can a phone or computer be hacked by ethical hacking? 

Yes,  a phone or computer can be hacked with ethical hacking, but it will be completely illegal because keeping the phone of any user under your control is an illegal thing and if you hack an app like Facebook, then You are rewarded by Facebook.  But there are many such apps which if you hack then you can get punished.

Can everyone do ethical hacking?

No, to do ethical hacking, you have to know about many codes and remembering the code is not a trivial matter but you can do ethical hacking through these courts but for legal work!


This blog is all about ethical hacking, what it is, and why you should care. I was a little skeptical at first, but I was happy to be surprised at what I learned! I’m not a security expert, but I can say that I’ve learned enough to educate myself and make the right decisions to protect the information that matters to me.