Free Domain Rank in a Specific Country

Which free domain will rank highest in which country? *IMPORTANT*

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Free Domain Rank in a Specific Country:

Choosing a domain is a very important step when launching a website. You can increase the rank of your keywords by choosing the right domain. In many cases, the best domain will be adopted, so it is important to find the closest alternative. In this post, we’ll take a look at some surveys to see which free domains are ranked highest in which countries.



Most of you will not know in which country this domain ranks, and in which country you are going to earn a lot from this domain! This domain ranks in a lot of countries and one of them is the country (USA – UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) here your domain will be easily ranked because here you get less competition and even if you write articles on the same topic.

Your website will rank and if you write multiple topic article then you are going to benefit a lot because less people have taken premium domain in USA, so if you make your website targeting USA country then on your website There is going to be a lot of traffic. And those clicks will also be from the people of United States, then your earnings will also be very high.



So look its name suggests that .uk domain ranks in United Kingdom but along with United Kingdom it ranks in many other countries like Nepal and Japan, and this domain is so powerful It is that on your website, it can easily bring 5000 to 6000 traffic in 1 day and that is a United Kingdom domain, then if any United Kingdom people will visit your website then your earning will be very high. Because in India, if someone clicks on your website, then Adsense gives you less dollars for it.


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This domain is the most popular domain in Nepal which is a free domain, but to get this domain for free, you have to take the approval of the website (the website that is hosting this domain) which is quite easy but quite Not many people get this approval, only few people get the approval of this domain in India. But this domain ranks very high in Nepal and both of them give a lot of traffic. But this domain will rank only in Nepal and inside it you have to make your website in Nepali language only.


We hope that the article on free domain name extensions will help you understand how powerful these extensions really are. Most people don’t use free domain names, but if you want to rank high on search engines in a particular country, free domain names are the way to go.