What is Gb Whatsapp And Is Gb Whatsapp Safe?

What is Gb Whatsapp, Gb Whatsapp lattest apk 2022, Is Gb Whatsapp Safe?

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You must have heard the name of GB WhatsApp. Today we are going to talk on the topic of whether GB WhatsApp is safe or is it a fraud and we are also going to talk about what is GB WhatsApp? So let’s start…


What are Gb Whatsapp And GB WhatsApp pro?

GB WhatsApp is a duplicate app of Normal WhatsApp, which, gives you features that you will never find in normal WhatsApp and I am going to tell you some reasons for them today in this article.
GB WhatsApp is a modded version of normal WhatsApp, in which you get to see many features like voice changer, and theme changing.

And Gb Whatsapp pro is a paid version of Gb Whatsapp.


Gb Whatsapp is safe or not for video calls And All

GB WhatsApp is such an application, about whose owner we do not know anything. Because all the applications of GB WhatsApp are available on many types of websites, when the owner of those websites is asked, “who has published this application on your website“, then the owner of those websites has only one answer, “We do not have the identity of the one who uploaded these GB WhatsApp applications“.

This means that this GB WhatsApp application is being published, it is being published in such a way that nothing is known about the publisher. Thus we can say that GB WhatsApp is not a secure application because we do not even know who made this application so whoever is the owner of this application can steal all your data. Your video call recording can be done in this data, and photos, videos, and files can also be stolen.


Is Gb Whatsapp legal In India

GB WhatsApp is one such application that is not secure at all and no country would like to keep such an application unbanned. But some countries also want to run such applications in their country. There are many reasons for that which, that country does not tell to any other country. Mainly it is banned in India because India is a country where security is taken utmost care, that’s why the Indian government has also banned many unsafe apps, like pubg, tik tok, etc. That’s why using GB WhatsApp in India is considered illegal.


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gb whatsapp benefits

Gb Whatsapp benefits

GB WhatsApp has many advantages but disadvantages are also many. Now we are going to talk about the benefits of GB WhatsApp.

  • The first advantage is that in GB WhatsApp you can customize the theme or you can download the theme from any website and upload it to WhatsApp. This is the biggest feature which people like very much. In theme customization, you can change the font of the text and also change the color of WhatsApp and you can do many more customizations in it.


  • Another advantage of this is that, in normal WhatsApp, you can delete any sent message (Delete for all) only before 7 minutes, which is a limited time. But you can delete any message (Delete for all) in GB WhatsApp anytime after sending it.


  • You can download any status in GB WhatsApp. And this feature is not available in normal WhatsApp.


  • In Gb WhatsApp, you can apply many filters during the call, which is very nice. Although this feature is available on Instagram, it is not yet available on WhatsApp. Maybe it will come to WhatsApp soon too.


Gb Whatsapp disadvantages

Gb Whatsapp disadvantages

  • You do not get to see end-to-end encryption in GB WhatsApp. End-to-end encryption means that the message is protected from the sender to the receiver so that no one can see it in between.
    This feature is available in normal WhatsApp, which provides a special kind of security to WhatsApp.
    That’s why GB WhatsApp is an unsecured application.


  • In GB WhatsApp you get a voice changer through which you can change your voice into three to four voices like a girl, boy, robot, duck, etc. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage:
  1. The advantage is that you can joke with anyone through this feature.
  2. This is a disadvantage because, if you call anyone by changing the voice, then it is considered an illegal fraud.


  • If you call anyone in GB WhatsApp, then it may be that someone is recording it in the middle because an end to end encryption is not available in GB WhatsApp. If anyone records your call, they can do anything with your call recording. Which is a disadvantage of GB WhatsApp.


Gb Whatsapp update 2022 new version

There may be more unsecured things in the versions of GB WhatsApp 2022. That’s why I would recommend you to use only normal WhatsApp. Your personal information can be at great risk on GB WhatsApp.



GbWhatsApp was maliciously developed. This app is used to display advertisements and steal information. Therefore, it is not safe to use GbWhatsApp.


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