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How to Show your article in Google top 10 results!

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Google Top 10 results:

Would you like to see your article in Google’s Top 10 Results? It’s not like a dream! I hope you know something about SEO. Today we’ll look at how to get your article in Google Top 10. There are some basic steps you need to take first. Google is an intelligent system, so I came up with some rules for the article. Before submitting an article, you need to know Google’s rules. If all the information is correct, you should be in the top 10.
Follow these steps to have your article appear in Google Search.
1. Write the spelling correctly in your article.
2. Add your own photos and videos to your articles.
3. Add a search description and label.
4. Eliminate plagiarism from your article.
5. How many words should an article be?

Explained all the steps-


1. Write the spelling correctly in your article

If you misspelling in your article then you can use this website.
Whatever article you have written in this website, then the grammar of the article turns into a seo friendly grammar .
You have to copy the converted text and replace it with your own.
For this follow these steps –

• Sign up on this site –

• Click on NEW



• Paste your article there –



• After pasting your article, make these changes in your articles –




2. Add your own photos and videos to your articles –

In this, suppose you are teaching about a topic, then you have to put your own screenshots and videos in it like I put screenshots under every point.


3. Add a search description and label.

By applying the search description, if a person searches the same topic on Google on which you have written the article and entered the search description and labels, then your article can be recommended in the top 10 results of Google.


4. Remove plagiarism from your article.

To remove plagiarism from your article.
follow these steps –

• Visit this site – 

• Paste your article there –



wait 12 to 15 seconds…



Copy your plagiarism removed article and replace it with your old article.



So, That is how you can show your article in google top 10 results with few steps. If you have any question regarding this topic, please do a comment.


Thanks for reading this article…