jio platforms invests $15 million in ai

jio platforms invests $15 million in ai and vr

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Jio‘s $15 million investment in the future of VR and AI

Jio has always been known as the future-forward company that brings innovative solutions before anyone else can, and they’re at it again with their latest investment in Two Platforms, an AI and VR startup based in Seattle. Although Two Platforms will still have to compete with the likes of Tango in the virtual reality space, this $15 million investment from Jio could just be what they need to make VR more immersive than ever before. So what exactly will Jio be investing in? What are the implications of this new development? And why was Jio interested in making this kind of investment?


What is AI and VR Startup?

Jio Platforms, a subsidiary owned by Reliance Industries, has invested $15 million into Two Platforms.
What is Two Platforms? Two Platforms provides a place for machines to communicate with each other using APIs (application programming interfaces). In order to provide an interface between all machines, Jio wants to create an open-source platform that companies can plug into so that it can get access to artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technologies.


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Why did jio invest in Ai and VR Startup?

Jio believes that leveraging ai technology is going to be key to bridging our digital and physical worlds. Just as Jio revolutionized connectivity, ai is going to do it again. It’s going to change how we interact with each other and with machines. It’s going to make us more efficient, healthier, happier. The companies we partner with reflect who we are at jio – they are pioneers leading their fields. We believe Two Platforms will play an integral role in making ai real for everyone. They have laid out an ambitious vision, focused on bringing compelling content that engages all senses; they create immersive experiences where people can truly connect with each other or anything else they choose.


Why this matters to customers?

This is a brilliant move by Jio, one that shows how much they’re thinking about their customers. Considering how much time we spend interacting with technology these days, it makes sense that Jio wants to give its customers access to cutting-edge technology like virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The biggest benefit of these technologies will be augmented experiences: you’ll never need to leave your home or office to do things like shop or be social. Customers will want these products; investing money into them now means that when they’re ready for release, Jio will be ahead of its competitors in offering them.



Jio Platforms invests $15 million in Two Platforms, a provider of augmented-reality applications. The funding will help create compelling applications for consumers as well as enterprise uses.