pegasus spyware

What is Pegasus spyware and how to avoid this?

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Pegasus Spyware:

Pegasus is malware that can infiltrate smartphones, computers, tablets and other devices that communicate via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This is an advanced form of malware that can steal data even when using secure network mode. This blog describes various aspects of this malware and what it can do to your device.

So there is a company in America named NSO which is a private organization, which runs this spyware, but it runs the spyware so that whoever is the hacker, this spyware is installed in their mobile or their device and their details (Information) should remain with the  government. so that whatever they are about to do, it is known to the government in advance and its solution is found.
But it is also being used on politicians and journalists right now and this spyware can prove to be very deadly in all versions of Android and some versions of iOS (apple) and you know when this spyware comes in your phone. will not work! 

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So now let’s talk about,

how you can avoid Pegasus Spyware?

  • You should not download any apk file from any website because if you download the apk file then there is no security in itthen it may have spyware installed in it and it will be installed in your phone and run in the background so that That all your information can be leaked


  • You have to keep the version of your phone updated  , all the apps you have in your phone like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all such apps have  to be updated because it may be installed in the old version and you should also take care of this. Keep in mind that whatever app you want to download, do it from Play Store or App Store.


  • This picture has come in many apps and it will also come in WhatsApp in the coming days.


This spyware is installed in 40% of people’s phones in India too and it runs in the background so you can’t even detect it with any app or any software.
So whatever app you want to download, do it from Play Store or App Store only because Play Store App Store has very good security.
If you download any apk file then you can think that why it is not available on play store because it will either not have security or it will have some bugs that can leak your data. If so , do not download any apk file


Pegasus can be categorized as a type of spyware used to monitor user activity, steal information, and monitor user locations. Pegasus spyware can also be used to hack your device. Created a blog post explaining the other way to avoid Pegasus.