vpns banned in russia

Russia is blocking more and more VPNs

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Russia Banned VPNs

Russian government has blocked even more Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with the aim to stop access to sites that are not censored in the country.

# The interest in virtual private networks and proxy services has spiked prominently after Russia started enforcing its VPN ban and everyday, more VPNs companies get added to the list of blocked services.

# The list now contains over 200 providers- making it much harder for Russian users to bypass these blocks as they move from one unavailable service to another in their quest for a reliable, uncensored connection with increasing crackdown on vpn usage by government.

Much like it is a better idea to store your passwords on an encrypted disk or USB, it is equally important that you take recourse to encryption. This will help protect your data from being hacked when you check it from another machine by a remote link via VPN.

The Russian government’s efforts to block access to VPNs has been documented for months. On July 10th 2017, authorities banned the Chinese proprietary vpn services Psiphon and getting around geo web filters in chrome. It’s also aggressively blocked many Instagram posts by Tanya Cooper – an independent human rights researcher and campaigner – following her reports detailing abuse of LGBTQ citizens in Murmansk

Through its censorship system, Russia attempts to bury all signs of dissent around the Sochi Olympics in 2014


Why Russia is banning VPNs?

You must know that the war between Russia and Ukraine is going on and that is why all the companies have supported Ukraine by not supporting Russia and have banned all their service in Russia and started their service in Ukraine.

For example, Microsoft has banned all games and services, including Minecraft, in Russia.

Due to this war, Russia has banned VPN.

So that no person can connect to another country and can not use internet services of any other country.


What to do if your VPN no longer works in Russia?

So look, at a simple thing that if you live in Russia or a country where there is a VPN ban, then you can never use a VPN until the government of that place turns the VPN back on, except VPN There is no other way to use it. and if you are also able to use VPN in any other way there, then you do not have to use that service, because it can also hack your phone and the government of that country should also punish you for this work.


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Will all these services be back in Russia?

For the time being, we cannot say anything about it, because the war between Russia and Ukraine is going on in which all the companies are shutting down all their services only in Russia. Later, if all these things become correct, then these companies will start all their services back in Russia and the service of VPN will also be started in Russia.


What technology services has Ukraine provided us?

If we talk about Ukraine country, then many people have heard its name for the first time. Ukraine has given us a lot of technology services.

Like one of the founders of WhatsApp is also from Ukraine and one of the founders of PayPal is also from Ukraine, apart from this, all the three founders of Grammarly are also born in Ukraine. If we see from our point of view, Ukraine is also a most developed country.


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So far, Elon Musk has also supported Ukraine, for this, Elon Musk has started his internet services in Ukraine by banning it in Russia. Which has helped Ukraine a lot.

And at this time 50 to 60% of the people of the world are on Ukraine side and helping Ukraine.