Samsung Has been Hacked!

Samsung Has been Hacked!

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Samsung has been Hacked In a cyber attack

This time is a very difficult time for Samsung because The Samsung Company was Hacked By Hackers.

Samsung accepted that They have lost some source codes, but Personal data is not stolen by The Hackers in the cyber attack.


What was stolen?

Samsung told that they have lost their Screen lock source code. In this, We can say The Samsung phones are not safe now. Because through this source code, They can Know how the fingerprint locks, face locks, and other screen locks work.

This is not good for Samsung and us. Because They can steal your Submitted Fingerprints in Fingerprint locks.

Samsung Is saying this normally as we can say “That nothing has been stolen from your house, only the key to the lock of your house has been stolen”.

At this moment Samsung has to make a new source code for their phones, and This is not easy to make.


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How much Data was Stolen

190 Gb data was stolen in the cyber attack. Samsung said that the hackers sent them a photo of stolen data.


What is the Name of The Hacker’s Group

The name of The group is a lapsus. They have done a Big cyber attack on Samsung. This is a big group that, already done many cyber attacks on Many companies and organizations.


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So In the last, we can say Samsung has lost the most important thing in its phones. So I would recommend you to buy Samsung mobiles less now.