How to target an specific country in you website

How to target an specific country in your website with four Steps?

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How to target an specific country on your website? And how much is it going to benefit you?

Today I am going to give you the answer of all these questions in the article, so let’s talk first.

1. How to target a country in my website?

So look, to target a country, you have to follow these points –
(i) First of all you have to buy one of your hosting which is most used in that country and then add the server of the country you want to target in that hosting. 
(ii)  You have to buy a domain that ranks highest in that country.
(iii)  After that you have to target the language of that country because everyone does not understand the language of the country in which you live, then you have to rank your website in that country language of that country. You have to apply on your website.
(iv)  After indexing your website in Google Search Console, you have to select one of your target country there.

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To select your target country –

• Go to the Google Search Console Dashboard.
• There you have to click on Lagacy tools and reports ‘.
• After  clicking you have to click on International Targeting’ .
• Then you have to click on Country ‘.
• Then you have to select the country you want to target, click above the course.

2. Advantages of Targeting a Country –

If you target a country, then the clicks that you will get from there are going to earn you a lot because if someone clicks on your post from such countries, then you get less money by that click. And on the other hand, if  someone from United States, United Kingdom’ clicks on your post , then you get more money for that.

Four More steps to target an specific country in your website –

1. Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool to find keywords related to your niche.
2. Search for a country using the keywords you searched for.
3. Find the main language of this country.
4. Go to Google Translate Tool and translate your content into that language.


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to target an specific country in your website. Knowing this, you know that you can get the most out of your website by targeting your largest audience.


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