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What is dark web? *Dangerous?*

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Dark Web:

What is dark web? This question must have come in your mind but many more people than you would think that dark web is an illegal thing but no it is a legal thing but it is illegal to do the illegal work inside it.
So today I am going to tell you what is dark web and what is the special thing in it that not everyone can use it.

What is dark web?

So look if you go to Google and search dark web, then you will not find any website there because this website runs only on the browser named  (Tor) and you have searched behind any website (.com, .net, .in).
You must have seen many such domains attached, but the website of the dark web is behind them (.ONION) which you will not find behind anyone’s website on Google.
And to run these websites, you can open these websites from Tor browser and different browsers, which are made only for these websites. Therefore the dark web is considered a separate website.
After going to this website, you will find here such pictures and such videos that you cannot live without watching.
there you see (Black & White) videos and photos which you cannot live without watching as you Even more dangerous things like four to five people are sitting and their heads are missing and playing cards and he is also going live.
such dangerous things have been seen on the dark web and the dark web is more than half full of illegal people This means that most of the hackers make their website here.
You can also use Tor Browser to do any legal work. It is also illegal in many countries, such as in China you cannot use a VPN .

The website has 3 parts –


Surface Web 

Inside this you come Facebook , Instagram , YouTube , Google , Yahoo and different  websites come in it.


Deep Web

In this you get  Net Banking , Scientific research , Private Forum , such things come in it.

Dark web

Tor browser inside it , Illegal information , Information Leak , Fraud come it.


So if seen in a way, it is legal to use dark web and it is also illegal, so I would suggest that you should not use any such website, you can use Google and there are many other such big search engines. can use them.
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