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The biggest fraud on whatsapp

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Whatsapp Frauds –

Nowadays you must have noticed that a lot of frauds are happening on WhatsApp and many people are also losing money through their photos, but till now WhatsApp has not released any such update through which these frauds can be stopped. And these frauds are spreading on WhatsApp so fast that even if WhatsApp releases such an update, it will not be able to detect these frauds because WhatsApp will find it very difficult to find where this fraud started. Was and this fraud is in the name of KBC Kaun Banega Crorepati, in this people send you an audio to do fraud and that audio is fully edited in which KBC music is also playing in the background so that users can be trapped in that fraud. and a full attitude picture is also sent to you in which you see many fraud signatures and many more photos in that picture.I have ad curry so that it can be easy to trap the public in fraud because those people who use WhatsApp less, they know little about all these things because in India this fraud messages send to 50% of the people. And 20% of these people have also become victims of these frauds because these frauds are done so cleverly that you do not have any information about it.


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How these frauds are done –

In this, you are asked for your Aadhar card / PAN card details which can be a normal thing for a common man to give, that nothing can happen through PAN card but when the PAN card number is entered inside a software app So an OTP comes to you and you are asked to tell the same OTP and a normal person gets the message of that OTP in which nothing is written that you will be charged so much money or so much money from your account. Transfer to any other account, in which a normal OTP is given, which any person can tell to anyone, but through that OTP, these fraudsters trap you and you also become a victim of that fraud.


Ways to avoid this fraud –

To avoid this, whenever you get such a message on your WhatsApp, you have to delete it and report its number, you have to tell its number to the police station or SIM customer care so that the fraudster is caught. And any other person can also avoid this fraud. Many people think that if this message comes to us, then we can delete it or even block that number but nothing is going to happen with that thing, that fraud person will send you from any other number too. He can send messages. And this is the easiest and most beneficial way to stop this fraud.


How can you identify a scammer?

There is Five Signs of a Scammer –

1. Scammers pretend to be from an organization you know.

2. Fraudsters often pretend to be contacting you on behalf of the government.

3. Scammers say there are problems and prices.

4. Scammers push to act immediately.

5. The scammer tells you to pay in a specific way.


Can you report a scammer on WhatsApp?

If you are contacted by a scammer disguised as a WhatsApp account, you should block and report it. Press and hold one message to open the context menu and click Report to report the scammer.


Some Other queries –

What can a stranger do with your number?

When someone steals your phone number, they become you-in every respect. Hackers can use your phone number to start hijacking their accounts one by one by sending a password reset to the phone. You can trick an automated system like a bank into making you think you are when you call customer service.


Can someone hack my WhatsApp?

There are several security features, such as the use of end-to-end encryption that attempts to keep messages private. While these security measures are excellent, WhatsApp is not affected by hacks that can jeopardize the privacy of your messages and contacts.


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