YouTube vanced banned

What is Youtube Vanced and why has Google banned it?

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Youtube Vanced has been banned


YouTube Vanced is a popular third-party YouTube app that offers a number of features not found in the official YouTube app. YouTube Vanced allows users to block ads, play videos in the background, and download videos for offline viewing. YouTube Vanced is not affiliated with YouTube and is not endorsed by Google. However, YouTube has recently announced that it will be shutting down YouTube Vanced in the coming days. This is due to the fact that YouTube Vanced violates YouTube’s terms of service. YouTube has advised users of YouTube Vanced to switch to the official YouTube app.


Why was youtube vanced banned?

YouTube vanced was an application that provided an ad free video to every person and YouTube used to do the exact opposite. That’s why people are getting irritated a lot, for this YouTube had also launched its membership, in which a free trial of 1 month was also available but not everyone could take this membership, that’s why everyone started going towards YouTube vanced, because There people used to get to watch the video without watching the ad. That’s why YouTube started suffering a lot, so the decision was taken to ban this application.


Was it right or wrong?

Although we see from the point of view of YouTube, YouTube was suffering a lot, so to reduce its loss, the application was banned by google/Youtube.

And if we look at this situation from the point of view of the public, then it was absolutely wrong because public used to get ad free videos there and now that application is closed, then they have to watch two ads on YouTube itself.

What can you do that this thing is both right and wrong.


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Can this application be returned?

Hi the application can come back but under some rules, it will have to show ads on its videos and the revenue of those ads will have to be given to YouTube. But YouTube cannot vanced all these things, so the chances of this application coming is very less.


The only thing that has been said in YouTube about this application is that we are banning this application for breaking our guidelines.


My only thing to say about this is that YouTube has become the biggest video platform right now, from where no one would want to go. If YouTube will do something about this situation, it will either reduce the price of membership or reduce the number of ads shown on the videos.


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